TIWANAKU: "The Mysteries of a Millennial Culture"

TIWANAKU: "The Mysteries of a Millennial Culture"

My name is Erich Martin Hochhäuser Trigo, I am currently 61 years old. I was born in La Paz, Bolivia on January 6, 1959. I was passionate about traveling since I was a child, my games were always related to the dream of traveling and seeing different places. I was fortunate that my parents loved to travel, and every time my father said “we're leaving”, a party would break out inside me, I was ready to go wherever he decided, and I enjoyed it very much. Over time, I worked in various fields, mainly to satisfy my parents. I worked in mining, since my father had a mining company and his dream was for me to take charge of it, which I did once he died, back in 1988. But my passion for travel was stronger than everything else, already when I was 24 years old, I decided to get involved in the world of tourism, without a doubt the best decision of my life. As I love traveling, driving vehicles, being with people and showing them the best of my country; knowing different cultures and living captivated by archeology, this was the perfect cocktail for me to decide to become a Tour Guide. Over the years I was specializing in various branches of tourism, such as archeology, trekking, trips -driven by me- in 4X4 vehicles, I also became a Tour Conductor taking groups of tourists throughout South America. I was even lucky enough to take a fantastic month-long trip throughout South America as a Tour Conductor for 87 tourists, aboard the supersonic plane, the “CONCORDE”, rented by the American company that hired me. That was the most impressive and unforgettable experience I had in my career as a Guide. 37 years have passed since I started this wonderful journey in my life, and I was able to share incredible experiences with thousands of tourists. So, a few years ago, I started writing a book about Tiwanaku and all the mysteries of this ancient culture, with the idea of reaching many more people, to capture and share the knowledge that I was collecting during my long life in tourism. The project was sleeping for several years, until my beloved kids, Nicky and Bruno, pushed me to make this dream come true. At that moment, the global pandemic arrived, which for me became an opportunity, since I finally had all the time in the world to dedicate myself to this book. So, with the help of Nicky in editing and Bruno in promotion and marketing, they now have before their eyes the result of many years of study and great experiences.

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